Quick Update! And A Li’l Romania Trip Preview


Hello all!

I’m sorry it has been about a month since I’ve updated the blog, but whew! So much going on here in Railroad Housewife land! We just got back from a big trip to Romania, my little sister is coming to visit for a week before she goes back to college for the fall, and I am currently in the pre-publication process of my next novel, due out in August. Busy! So, I thought I’d stop by and give you a little brief tidbit of humor and preview into the whirlwind Romania trip amidst the crazy schedule while I had a free second.


My Passing Thoughts During the 15-Day Romania Trip

1.) Why is my wine glass never empty? Is this some kind of Romanian magic?

2.) I really take ice for granted.

3.) I love that I can get cheese anywhere here. In fact, I bet that sheep over there crossing the road has a fannypack with cheese in it right now.

4.) I really take to-go cups/boxes at restaurants for granted.

5.) Oh my gah, where’s the light switch? Where’s the light switch? Are there no lights in the bathroom? What—oh, there it is on the outside of the bathroom door.

6.) ANOTHER roundabout??? I’m pretty sure I have vertigo.

7.) Being a pedestrian in Europe means a sure death by hit-and-run bicycle and/or Datsa.

8.) Beer and milk seem to have switched respective containers in the convenience store.

9.) I wish I were better at math with the millions of failed mental euro conversions I’m attempting daily.

10.) With meal/espresso breaks every fifteen minutes, how am I not 500 pounds with a permanent twitch by day 3 of this trip?

11.) Why is the only mention of Vlad Tepes (Dracula) in Dracula’s castle one poster in the whole place? Not okay.

12.) Fact: Romanian livers are made of steel.

13.) Look, more cheese!

14.) Thank God for universal toilet signs.

15.) My new Romanian family can dance, smile, laugh, kiss, and hug for 10 hours, and drink moonshine by the tall glass (no ice, y’all). They are AWESOME.

Transylvania, y'all!

Transylvania, y’all!

Romanian Adventures Blog post coming soon!