Halloween Horror (It’s Totally In My New Book)


I just got off a pretty awesome Blog Book Tour for my newest horror fiction book, “Iniquity”. Keeping in spirits (yes, pun intended) with the Halloween season, I did a fun and spooky interview on the blog tour, so here it is in case you missed it. I seriously had a blast doing this, so I hope you guys enjoy. ~TRF


1.)          Your newest book “Iniquity” debuted August 19, 2014 and has already hit the bestseller status. Tell us a little bit about it!

TRF: It’s a New Age horror fiction read and it circles around a group of six people who committed a horrific crime five years earlier. They are brought together again by some pretty dark forces completely out of their control and the story spins into raw terror from there.

2.)          Tell us why this is a perfect Halloween month read.

TRF: October is the one time a year we love to scare ourselves, isn’t it? INIQUITY is practically oozing with everything that makes a person not want to turn off the lights at night.

3.)          What does your writing process look like? Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? i.e. Do you listen to music, sit in a certain chair?

TRF: When your career has you working from home the majority of the time, it isn’t always easy—especially for the wild imagination and short attention span of a YA author ;-). So, most days, I’m working in my office from around 6-7 a.m. into the evening around 6-7 p.m. There are definitely times I change it up, relocate myself to a coffee shop or wherever I might travel sometimes for story research or something—but most of the time, to keep my focus, I try to keep a usual routine. I have lots of quirky things in my office and on my desk and walls, which make me feel like I’m in a constant state of “down the rabbit hole”—which is awesome! And I have always made a soundtrack playlist for every book I’ve written to listen to while I’m in the writing process. What’s really cool is that now that I’m eight books in, readers and fans have taken to sending me ideas to add to playlists once my books release and that’s a fun and unique way for me to interact my imagination with my readers’. Something like that is so surreal.

4.)          Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing in the shower)?

TRF: Nothing too out of the ordinary—though I constantly talk to myself and I do periodically have to get up and pace around my house.

5.)          If you could cast your characters in INIQUITY in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters?

TRF: I normally don’t give answers for this question because I really like to leave that up to my readers’ imaginations, however, I definitely have some Hollywood crushes I see playing Colin Serpan—I’m talking Chris Hemsworth, or Jensen Ackles.

6.)          What is your least favorite part of the publishing / writing process?

TRF: Not being able to type 500 wam…I could write so many stories so much faster if my typing could keep up with the speed of my imagination!

7.)          Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it?

TRF: Nothing is off the table for me. I think at this point, after eight books in that are all completely different genres from one another, my readers and fans expect a surprise every new release I do. It’s become like my M.O. as an author.

8.)          Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others? Love? Action? Racy?

TRF: I like to keep my stories as “clean” as I can while not risking the integrity of the story so that more readers can enjoy them.

9.)          What are you working on now? What is your next project?

TRF: I’m working on some pretty exciting stuff right now! A spin-off novel from my Ghost Story Trilogy, a dark, apocalyptic project, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions since the release of INIQUITY about other horror reads in the works: the answer is yes, you can definitely expect some more scary-ness in the 2015 year.

10.)        You have 6 incredibly relatable and complex characters that lead the story in INIQUITY. Tell us what’s on their tombstones.

TRF: Oooo, this is a fun question!

Ronnie-I Guess I Did Need That Map

Tori-Vanity is Definitely My Favorite Sin

Gabriella-(A carving of Grumpy Cat in her tombstone)

Sam-That Third Wheel Eventually Ran Me Over

Mandy-Who Knew Indecisiveness Could Kill?

Colin-At Least I Looked Like Hercules

11.)        What about yours? What would your tombstone read?

TRF: “This isn’t where I parked my car.”

12.)        Why the theme of guilt? This story is practically dripping with it.

TRF: I think the scariest part of the entire story is just the reality within the fantasy of it: can we really ever escape guilt?

13.)        What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing it to life?

TRF:I’ve always been a big fan of the horror/occult genre, whether it’s in books or movies. I had the most fun writing this story, however the drafting and editing processes were brutal because I was so particular (and nearly obsessed) with not hitting cliché walls. The horror genre and its basics can be extremely predictable sometimes, and have been done over and over and over. I wanted to make sure that I could keep the basic building blocks of a horror novel intact, while still providing a unique perspective that sticks in readers’ minds and sets itself apart from others like it.




For My Readers



I seriously have the best job in the world.

Today, my 8th novel was officially released to the world—my 8th novel in 2.5 years time. Now, when I initially dove head first (and blindingly, too, I might add) into my lifelong dream of becoming an author those 2.5 years ago, I would never had imagined I’d be writing the words “my 8th novel”. It’s still incredibly surreal.

The first year and a half was crazy! I managed to somehow release seven books in that short amount of time, all in different genres, 300+ pages a piece, all while trying to stay afloat in the massive sea of publishing, marketing, and retaining my sanity. A huge fan base from all over the world and from all different walks of life built its way up around me and I honestly still have to pinch myself every morning when I put my fingertips to the keyboard of my laptop.

And you guys–I seriously have the coolest, best army of readers out there. Not only did these readers give my writings a chance before I was known at all, but they begin to grow in the beginning by good ol’ fashioned word of mouth. They stuck with me through all kinds of fiction–YA, fantasy, contemporary, you name it. These readers grew into the unbelievable and incredibly humbling fan base they are today, excited and ready to ride on the next reading adventure I have in store for them.

My 8th novel–“Iniquity”–is the first book I have released in 2014. This is a huge change from what my readers are used to, yet the excitement from them is steadfast and somewhat contagious! It makes me ridiculously happy every time I have another chance to give them a story, and what’s even more amazing is that the awesome support and enthusiasm within my fan base makes it possible for me to take genre risks. In the book industry, it’s very difficult–and a huge gamble–to cross over genres. This has always been shocking to me because life in itself is not one genre, so lumping in all the stories I could tell into one category seems really impossible! My newest novel is the first I’ve released in the horror genre, and even with warnings to my readers that this is yet again something completely different from any book I’ve written before, it has been embraced.

So, I have the best job in the world. And it is because of all the fans, readers…all the wonderful bookworms out there who ride the imagination train with me in every crazy direction it’s gone in over the past 2.5 years. Thank you to all my readers: you allow me to live my dream, keep me humble, and constantly teach me new wonders about the magical craft of storytelling.

I am excited to bring you my first novel of the 2014 year. Here’s to many more.



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Quick Update! And A Li’l Romania Trip Preview


Hello all!

I’m sorry it has been about a month since I’ve updated the blog, but whew! So much going on here in Railroad Housewife land! We just got back from a big trip to Romania, my little sister is coming to visit for a week before she goes back to college for the fall, and I am currently in the pre-publication process of my next novel, due out in August. Busy! So, I thought I’d stop by and give you a little brief tidbit of humor and preview into the whirlwind Romania trip amidst the crazy schedule while I had a free second.


My Passing Thoughts During the 15-Day Romania Trip

1.) Why is my wine glass never empty? Is this some kind of Romanian magic?

2.) I really take ice for granted.

3.) I love that I can get cheese anywhere here. In fact, I bet that sheep over there crossing the road has a fannypack with cheese in it right now.

4.) I really take to-go cups/boxes at restaurants for granted.

5.) Oh my gah, where’s the light switch? Where’s the light switch? Are there no lights in the bathroom? What—oh, there it is on the outside of the bathroom door.

6.) ANOTHER roundabout??? I’m pretty sure I have vertigo.

7.) Being a pedestrian in Europe means a sure death by hit-and-run bicycle and/or Datsa.

8.) Beer and milk seem to have switched respective containers in the convenience store.

9.) I wish I were better at math with the millions of failed mental euro conversions I’m attempting daily.

10.) With meal/espresso breaks every fifteen minutes, how am I not 500 pounds with a permanent twitch by day 3 of this trip?

11.) Why is the only mention of Vlad Tepes (Dracula) in Dracula’s castle one poster in the whole place? Not okay.

12.) Fact: Romanian livers are made of steel.

13.) Look, more cheese!

14.) Thank God for universal toilet signs.

15.) My new Romanian family can dance, smile, laugh, kiss, and hug for 10 hours, and drink moonshine by the tall glass (no ice, y’all). They are AWESOME.

Transylvania, y'all!

Transylvania, y’all!

Romanian Adventures Blog post coming soon!

Commercial Easter: Anyone Else Just Realize How Weird It Is?


I wanna talk about Easter.


It’s a weird holiday. I’m not talking about the bigger, religious aspects of Easter here. I’m talking about the bunny who wants to be Santa Clause, plastic eggs filled with money, and Cadbury deliciousness. When you grow up, you contemplate this whole commercialized Easter thing and as you do, you realize just how much it really doesn’t belong anywhere in the realm of logical-ness. It’s maybe even a little “Alice in Wonderland Down the Wormhole”-y? Now don’t get me wrong–I cannot wait to have kids and totally play up the hallmark part of Easter to its fullest. But let’s all take a moment and really let it sink in as to how kooky commercial Easter is.

I’m not writing to educate you on where the commercial part of Easter came from, but here is a link to all the info on the odd, and somewhat chaotically nonsensical origins of where it supposedly may have come from: Easter Bunny Origins (Rabbits, fertility, and hermaphrodites all bundled up into one, colorful straw Easter basket—you’re welcome)


 We will start on a positive note. Obviously the best thing about hallmark Easter that needs absolutely no explanation for where it came from or why it exists is REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUP EGGS.


  Now, moving on to why commercial Easter can be pretty bizarre and even a tad bit creepy.

1.)    The Easter Bunny.


He wants to be Santa Clause way too hard, but it’s just not panning out for him. There could be $100 bucks in that toy egg he’s trying to push on me, but it’ll never make him the reigning supreme of all holidays—Christmas. Nobody is stealing Santa’s spot—who do you think you are, Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas?  You’re out of your league, bunny. Not to mention the most obvious, freakish detail about the Easter Bunny: he lays eggs? What? Anyone who has ever owned a pet rabbit knows that the only egg-ish shaped things a bunny is laying is its turds—and by the thousands. And guess what? No prizes inside those “eggs”.  And rabbits are the least kid-friendly animal! They hop around impregnating every thumper they can get their little paws on. AND the mall Easter Bunny is the scariest damn sight in the world—admit it, you still have nightmares about the 7-foot-tall hare that smells like soured Cadbury eggs and tries to sit you on his lap with those sweaty faux fur gloves.


So let’s face it: in reality, the Easter Bunny is really just an olympic running harlot who has irritable bowel syndrome.


2.)    Peeps. f1127481288fb74e271fb0836ed4df76 You’re eating a treat that is shaped like a baby animal. You can’t even use denial to your advantage like you can with scrambled eggs because it looks just like a little chick. The Peep even has these black eyes that have an infinite, unmoving stare on you as you debate whether to bite its head off first or stick it in the microwave to laugh at it when it blows up.


3.)    The Eggs.

If they are real, boiled eggs, it sucks because there is absolutely no chance that there is going to be anything awesome inside of them other than a yolk. However, if they are the colorful plastic eggs that open up to reveal treasure, this leads me to the next frightening commercial Easter tradition…


4.)    The Hunger Games (oh, I mean The Annual Easter Egg Hunt)

[Insert melodramatic music from the Heavens here]  It’s a cutthroat, bloodthirsty sport that is the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Children of all ages scour the countryside (or the house, backyard, wherever said Hunt has commenced) to find plastic eggs with the promise of something fantastic inside! Candy, money, toys, PRESENTS!!!!

While it’s full of excitement, it is a pretty odd addition to all the other strangeness that is commercial Easter traditions–mainly because it’s so full of an insatiable lust for violence and glory. Even the most kind-hearted little kid will go all apocalyptic survival fighter in the name of finding the most eggs in the Hunt. No one is your friend and everyone is a threat. It’s like you just jumped into Lord of the Flies and only one can emerge as the Mighty Holder of the Eggs.


Soon, you’ve forgotten all about the prizes that await you in those little plastic oblong circles and healthy, fun competition is lost in a hazy afterthought. Your sights are focused on being the best, and capturing the most eggs of anyone there, which will make you the MASTER of the Hunt this year. There is no worthier title.


You asked your mom for one of those nice “hand-weaved” Easter baskets this year—you know, the one with the solid handles: great for grip, and even better for splinter and slice. Last Easter, you had one of those typical pink and white baskets with the waxy plastic braided handles. But now…now you’ve wised up. Two scars on your right arm and a weird bone spur popping out on your knee from a violent downhill tumble that pigtailed-bitch Ashley B. caused 365 days ago has wisened you up. Little Bobby Smith isn’t going to walk away the Hunt Master again this year…


Happy Easter to everyone: whether you are shelling out the chocolate, hiding the eggs, or on standby as the medic at the annual easter egg extravaganza, make sure you’re having an amazing time and enjoy this quirky holiday full of color.